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Many people, who lead hectic lifestyles, would love to control and manage every tiny detail of their lives. They want everything to work like clockwork; a slight disturbance will depress or frustrate them so much that it ruins their entire day. People would like everything to take place without a hitch from the moment of waking to the moment of going to sleep.

Many people are now looking for solutions that will help them live an organized life. They want to organize their lives better and, at the same time, enhance the comfort level of their lives. For many, a home automation system is the best solution. Simply by touching a switch, you can control all the electronic devices in your house, including your lighting and irrigation system, and your window curtains and blinds.

A home automation system might sound like a device out of a Hollywood movie. However, it has been around in the market for a long time now. You can choose to purchase a system from any of the large number of home automation manufacturers. Each company claims that its products are the best. Customers are usually confused when they decide to purchase a home automation system because of the sheer variety of automation products. They have to first determine the best solution for their homes.

The One Touch Home Automation Solutions is a popular brand in the home automation industry. It is held to be among the leading companies of home automation solutions. It offers the best home automation solutions in the market. Moreover, the company has qualified professionals who will install their devices in your home.

Many people have already automated their homes with automation devices from One Touch Solutions. Families that have already installed it in their houses are quite satisfied with the products, and have suggested that their relatives and friends purchase it too. One Touch Solutions products have a high rating from users. So, as you see, One Touch Solutions guarantees customer satisfaction.

One Touch Solutions has a lot of experience in the area of electrical and cabling systems. It was established at a time when the home automation technology was in its infancy. The company has ample experience and has done immense research on home automation technology. Its products and solutions, therefore, can give you the maximum benefits.

You can select one of One Touch Solutions’ automation system package. The company representatives will visit your house and make a study to determine the best automation solution for your home. They will design the best system for you on the basis your day to day life.

The biggest advantage of dealing with One Touch Solutions is that its qualified professionals are always ready to help you. They will customise everything according to your taste and conveniences. Your switches and control panels will be placed exactly where you want them to be. They will install the system in such a manner that the wirings and cable systems will be carefully concealed. The installation will look neat. One Touch Solutions is, therefore, the best company to purchase from.

If you have decided to automate your home, approach One Touch Solutions. The company will change your life for the better.

With an automation system from One Touch Solution, you can achieve full control of all the devices in your house. Simply place your finger on the universal remote control or your control panel, and every device in your house will instantly obey you.

What Is Home Automation? How It Works

Home automation is a convenient way to control and monitor different day-to-day devices and appliances we use at home. These include home lighting, air-conditioning, home heating, blinds and curtains, garage doors, security cameras, motion sensors, energy control units and weather sensors. Whilst different home automation solutions largely vary in functionality and scope, most modern systems feature a central control panel, also known as a hub. The hub connects to the home Wi-Fi network and becomes a primary interface through which all your home utilities can be controlled remotely. This system is expandable which means you can add more devices to this ecosystem in the future as your requirements grow.

Many home automation system providers develop apps for all popular platforms that allow homeowners to remotely control their home utilities using their Smartphones and tablets. By configuring the hub with your home’s Wi-Fi network and installing the App on your smartphone, tablet or PC, you can add and connect to all appliances ranging from thermostats, security cameras and lights to weather meters, motion sensors and energy control units. This means no separate remote controls for different devices and no hassle of manually controlling each device; you can control all your home devices using your Internet-enabled Smartphone from anywhere in the world.

With home automation, you can carry out the following day-to-day tasks using your Smartphone:-

1. Control home lighting

As all your light switches and dimmers connect to your hub, you can get complete remote home lighting control from your Smartphone. As well as allowing you to switch on/off individual lights when you are away from home, home automation allows you to activate a group of lights with a single touch. This not only gives you peace of mind but also helps keep your utility bills in check.

2. Monitor home security

The hub connects to your magnetic door sensors, home surveillance cameras, smoke sensors and motion sensors and can be configured to send push alerts to your Smartphone when you are away. You can build a wireless home security system that fits your needs and keeps you in the know of what is happening in and around your home when you are at work or enjoying a holiday.

3. Making adjustments to home heating

Remote temperature control is possible with home automation. You can monitor your home temperature using your Smartphone and make adjustments even if you are away from home. This means when you return from a hard day’s work your room temperature is perfectly set to your liking. Many systems allow users to adjust the thermostat in response to the temperature sensors.

4. Monitor weather conditions

By adding temperature sensors, wind meters, rain sensors and UV sensors to your home automation ecosystem, you can easily find out what the weather is in your neighbourhood. Apart from wireless weather monitoring, you can set actions such as scheduling your blinds to close if strong winds are detected by wind sensors, amongst many others.

5. Control blinds and curtains

Home automation also makes remote blinds and curtain control possible as you can open and close all your window shadings from anywhere in your home. As well as allowing you to control them using your Smartphone, you can set a program to lower blinds and sun screens to automatically lower during extreme sunlight thereby keeping your house cool during the summer and saving on energy and utility costs.

As a result, modern installation of home automation systems means you can have wireless control over each of your home appliances just by using your Smartphone. Whether you are at home or away, you can switch on or dim a group of lights by a single touch. Apart from such convenience and control, it is possible to monitor all your home security cameras whilst in the office or away from home so you are always in the know no matter where you are. Another important aspect of automation is energy savings that arise from having a close control over your home heating system and your complete home lighting system.

Residential Lighting and Home Automation Systems

Residential and Industrial Automation

Quite a few homeowners and business owners discover that the very best way to increase the price and effectiveness of their residence or organization is as a result of residential and commercial automation. Residential and business automation can contain these kinds of features as protection techniques, audio and video clip integration, lighting and environment management and voice and info networks. A lot of businesses excel in offering outstanding items that help the set up of various components that guide individuals who seek to consider handle of their handle methods for property automation and business automation.

The critical to profitable residential and commercial automation lies in a couple of components. Efficiency is the most essential issue that most men and women take into consideration before taking into consideration obtaining a professional install handle systems for residence automation or business handle programs. The thought is to make specified that the components that you set up can correctly be operate without having overloading or over-exerting the energy supplied. Manage techniques for household automation and manage methods for company automation can consist of very a few digital gadgets ie… multi-area audio/video, voice and data networks, surround sound set up and lights and environment control. All of these independent systems must be tied together and put in in a manner that maximizes their output without taxing the output of the electrical power that is designated to push your residential and business automation programs.

The second factor, that is most typically regarded, when getting ready to set up control techniques for the residence automation or company control methods, is pricing. You can purchase direct components from organizations like Crestron, however it is still clever to have an impartial contractor that specializes in residential and industrial automation set up on simply call. House automation programs and manage are a ton different now than they had been 10 years ago.

The complexity has grown in nature immensely. Lengthy gone are the days exactly where a single could feel that basically due to the fact a single could set up a surround sound program that they had been entirely able ample to install finish handle programs for residence automation and handle programs for business automation. Weather handle methods for the residence, multi-space audio/video setups for companies and complex lighting demand meticulous preparing and proper installation in buy to attain expert physical appearance and maximization of element output.

When choosing to put into action residential and industrial automation, the third issue to be deemed is most frequently how basic it is for any individual that may possibly want to use the manage to be capable to realize and use it. The purpose is to have the control methods for your residential or commercial automation that are self-explanatory and straightforward to use. It does no good to have a universal remote for your house automation techniques, or enterprise automation methods, that only or a couple of men and women can figure out how to run. When deciding what touch display system or keypad will be designated to control your home automation program easy is usually superior. This key holds even truer in industrial manage programs due to the amount of people today that might come in get hold of with industrial automation technique.

The very last issue in deciding upon a skilled support to set up your residential and commercial automation and perhaps the most essential issue is comfort and ease. Comfort and ease is almost certainly best described as the mixture of the three earlier pointed out components. Whether its residence automation techniques or business automation systems, putting in audio video clip integration, lights and local weather command, surround sound installation, and voice and data networks is no effortless process. Residential and business automation methods call for proper time, energy and specialist treatment.